Introducing Collection Nº01

Dhahab draws from a very special muse, my grandmother Raja Hamka. Dhahab is a modern take on traditional jewellery. Custom designed, we’ve reimagined pieces that are well loved by those closest to us, giving them new life. We create pieces that hold a special place in our heart and we hope in yours too.

Designed and made with (a lot) of love.

Our Materials

18k Gold Vermeil. Pronounced: 'ver-may'.

Each piece is custom designed and thoughtfully crafted to last. Constructed in 925 Sterling Silver and heavily plated in 18k solid gold, with a minimum of 2.5 microns. 'Micron' refers to the thickness of gold and is what differentiates our pieces to regular plated jewellery.

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Behind the Brand

Dhahab is a contemporary jewellery line based in Sydney, Australia. We draw inspiration from those closest to us to design timeless pieces for everyday wear. All crafted in high quality sterling silver, designed for the unique and independent.

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About Us