Our Story

Dhahab Jewellery draws from a special muse, my grandmother Raja Hamka, who wouldn’t be seen without her layers of gold jewellery. Whether she's lounging at home or heading to an event, she’s always wearing her beloved pieces that have been passed down the family line. These special women in my family are present throughout the entire collection from the detailing to even the name of our products.

Paying homage to heirlooms originated across the Middle East, specifically Lebanon, there was always something so unique about the craftsmanship of these pieces. From the intricate features to the rich gold colour, these distinctive characteristics have inspired the design of this collection.

Dhahab – meaning ‘gold’ in Arabic, is more than just an accessory. Dhahab creates pieces that hold a special place in our heart and we hope in yours too. From our heart to yours.

Our Makers

Throughout the concept stage of Dhahab our values and mission were easily identifiable. We wanted to create statement pieces that were effortlessly beautiful, timeless and held significant meaning. Not only to us, but to you too. With this said, we wanted our mission to align seamlessly with our makers. It was of utmost importance that those creating our designs were doing so with love and passion whilst putting sustainability at the forefront of their business.

But what does sustainability truly mean? Sustainability doesn’t only focus on the positive environmental impacts, it covers the social and economic benefits that a product provides, while protecting public health and the environment over the product life cycle. Therefore, it was vital that our makers were certified by Sedex and the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Our makers have received their SMETA (Social Members Ethical Trade Audit) certification by Sedex, which is the most widely used social audit in the world.

The RJC is the world’s leading standard setting organisation for the fine jewellery and watch industry. They ensure suppliers provide the best practices around health and safety, human rights, fair labour, governance and environmental protection. "United by a shared belief that responsible business is good business, we are working together to create a globally sustainable future for our industry" - RJC.

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